Flash 5


How come people are still using Flash 5 and with this forum also having its own flash 5 forum?

Wouldn’t they like to use mx or mx04?

Umm… Not everyone “hacks” their copies of MX or MX2004 like a majority of the people that actually have MX or MX2004…

And those that do it the legal way like myself… Can’t really afford a higher version currently… I barely pulled Flash MX out of my budget… And I’m glad I did… But they are expensive man…

i understand about hacking flash mx copies but like their are available on kazaa full versions? theres the illegal side to it but you would like a copy wouldnt you?

Not an illegal copy…

I run a business… If I had illegal copies or programs and I got busted… I could be sued and fined so muhc money that I would have to be Bill gates to get out of that debt.

So… To answer your question… I’d love to have MX2004… But not illegally.

sgroove, discussing illegal software isn’t allowed on the forums, im locking the thread. Also, you’re footer is too big, please replace it by a one that abides by the rules in the “Forum Help” forum. :slight_smile:


Nevermind, I’m unlocking this for now. If things get out of hand, i’ll make sure this gets locked, again, lol.

i use flash 5 coz i have a registered legal version and trial version of flash mx… i dont like the interface of mx, kinda annoying to me.

I don’t like the interface of flash MX2004 :-\

Sticking with good ol’ mx…

MX :wink: :thumb:

“build it and they will come”

There are still questions asked in the Flash 5 forum. As long as theres a public demand for it, it will forever remain… and probably after that too. Too often have I been stuck without answers to my questions in some ‘classic’ application. Should you ever find yourself in a situation where you only have access to Flash 5, then you know where to come :wink:

What about Flash 4? :frowning:

i use flash 5 because i think mm just screwed mx and mx2004 up with the interface thing…and flash isn’t just flash anymore…it’s becoming a programming tool instead of a quick, flashing little program. flash 5 is 17mb; mx is 47; mx 2004 is 74 or somehting.

I love the new MX interface… it’s beautiful… Easier to navigate and it’s a helluva lot quicker.

Especially if you need to find out anything…

and you can change the way the layout looks with the window positions and everything else… :wink:

Now MX2004… I have yet to even look at that… I won’t until i can possibly buy it.

i agree that the bunch of little windows in flash 5 are annoying. but what i like about it is that the workspace is SO MUCH bigger. in mx, i just have to scroll, scroll and scroll to find something.

I have clients which still use Generator as a dynamic back-end, so I have to use Flash 5 to make updates and such… (I really miss Generator :frowning: )

I like the syntax in MX, I like the aligning assistance in MX2004, but Flash 5 is the last version that reminds me of what Flash started out. Change is inevitable, but with MX, Flash became more of a programmer’s animation app, whereas it had been an animation app with an ability to be programmed a bit.

However, with that said, Sothink’s SFQuicker is trying to cover just that niche, and for $50…