Are you people STILL using Flash 5?

****…enough said…

Nope, I am not. I started with Flash 5 in my desktop publishing class in high school. Then I got MX for myself.

Took a while to adjust to the interface, but I learned to like it more than Flash 5.

Oh heck no! But I think there’s a handful of people who find the MX interface unnerving or haven’t discovered the cool new stuff MX has to offer.

Yeeeeeeaaaaahhhhhh BAAAAAAAAAABYYYY!

I personally prefer Flash 5 over MX. Haven’t really given MX of a try I guess, but we use 5 at school and don’t feel a need to change to MX

Flash MX definitely has some bonuses over Flash 5. The drawing API in my opinion is better and there are other AS tricks that make things shorter.

Although new at this I have to say that I have noticed I am learning things easier on Flash MX. (tried learning stuff in school on Flash 5, but I just couldn’t get it down, maybe because I was in school and never really had time to concentrate on learning the code)

the whole mx series and lay out is so stupid im not going to fall in line and become part of macromedia’s plot for world domination ?!

(muahahahahahah) right…

Actually in Dreamweaver MX they allow you to change the layout back to the old Dreamweaver Layout (I LOVE THAT FEATURE, WHY DID THEY LEAVE IT OUT OF FLASH MX!?)


Yep… I’m still using Flash 5. I’ve just gotten so used to the interface, that MX just annoys me having to look at it. At work I use Flash 5, so I also keep the same version installed at home incase I have to bring work home.

Maybe if they install MX here I’ll do the same at home, we’ll have to see.

As to all the newer features, it doesn’t seem like anything really necessary is there that would really make me consider the leap on my own.



When I can afford to buy it, I’ll start using it. Until then 5.0 is fine. I really don’t find that MX can do that much that 5.0 couldn’t, it’s just easier to do all the same stuff. Sure there are a few new features… but nothing that I’m ready to tackle yet anyway.

yeah, that is strange they didnt leave a flash 5 interface in mx, they did with 1-5 all being able to go to its previous version

When flash 5 came out i was still using flash 4 it wasnt untill lately ive been using flash 5 because the change of panles in as was annoying but after i figured it out i never went back to 4 and id like to try mx but i need to get it first.

Unfortunately I am. At the moment (I am going to eradicate this situation) I have to get the software from other people, use it, and either copy the disc set or give the set to them. Nevertheless, I will learn as much as I can about Flash 5, and then if I am able to get a registered version of MX, I may decide to do that.

I wonder if Flash 5 can understand the things MX does. I think so.

Christopher L. White

I am using MX and have even erased Flash 5 from my hard drive…I love it that much! You have got to love being able to import video, sound, and not to mention the higher capability using backend languages like PHP with a database and so on. The interface is great and easy to work around and making custom components are sooo fun, everything is so much more object oriented programming, or at least for me! And I am aslo a big 3D Studio Max fan and love to animate and thats where video falls in (for intros and logos) so MX has both my thumbs up and if you haven’t upgraded then go sell your prada shoes on ebay and get the upgrade!!! You won’t regret it as long as you can stand the interface for the first few weeks then u will start to love it!

sorry to get off the subject, but dan your sigs so much fun, I spent 5 minutes moving the mouse around, heh

Its like a natural brain processor trip out…the good alternative to ecstacy is my footer lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey Dan, are you actually building your own components?

pom :asian:

And I must admit that you have a gift for great footers :stuck_out_tongue:

Its just a motion tween of a tile with a little rotation script and a duplicatClip/mouse follow! I can post up the .fla

I’d like that. Or maybe for the inspiration section? (or open source or whatever it’s called).

pom :asian:

And I’m definitely never gonna use Flash 5 if I can avoid it! Everything is so much easier with MX… The AS especially is a pure beauty.

pom :asian: