How is this effect done?

i found some nice sites that have a kewl effect i like to use on my site to… i know it is made in Adobe After Effects but how? if bin fiddeling with some filters in AE but i just cant seem to recreate this can any one help me? (enter site en check the transition effect) its real mind blowing…

41 views and no one knows how? hmm :frowning:

Are you reffering to the flash animation?
The rectangle that shoots up then fades out to show the dispaly

If so that just a series of motion tweens and then some alpha fading

seems a a spherize effect (applyed negative way)… (Adobe photoshop has it… AE should also have this i guess), a little bit a zoom and then a little twist in the end… or something close, with a fade to transparency or background color.

well guys thx vor the help but i got it soorted out… :stuck_out_tongue: i used AE with the distort>turbilance filter and that did the trick just right for me…

but thanks anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey Swoop,

How did you export it? Did you use the swf option then rasterize it? That is what I am doing and it is coming out pretty big?? Thanks :thumb:

Well it was very easy if i think back :slight_smile: ok this is what i did…

i’ll create a tutorial… maybe Kirupa can add it op de website :slight_smile:

Thanks :thumb:

check this out too, kinda cool transitions

Im still curious on how you were able to get the file size low enough to us in flash mx? I work with AE often and I seem to max out my files with high load times. Did you use a file compressor?

lol thats a nice trick :stuck_out_tongue: called sqweez (by Sonerson Software) ik got my swf to 140kb ok stil a little large… i can get it smaler but at a cost of quality

kewl tricks hu :stuck_out_tongue: wel i have’nt did something like that yet but i look easy enough with AE :stuck_out_tongue:

made this in 3min…

Kirup Blob

swoop, could you please post the .fla for that neat trick?

For video compression i highly recommend you get sorenson squeeze and then export as a flv with quicktime or straight from sorenson it decreases file sizes dramatically. And you can also try using optimaze (although i have never used this since my flv files were at a decent size for what i needed them)

there is nothing happening in Flash, he is something that I did in 5 min. It is all in After Effects:thumb: hope this helps

Well Sandeep i can but there is not mutch to see in the FLA file… its a FLV file made in after effect (its more like a movie)…

goood jobe m8… only make it a litte shorter… say 2 or 3 secs…

I agree… the sqeeze program… man it relealy sqweezes :stuck_out_tongue: i ones prest a movie of about 2mb in to a flv of about 190- kb :stuck_out_tongue: and it still looked good to…

trick is though if u tent to use it in flash tip is make it an FLV coz if yuh make it swf… flash cuts you movie upon import in to frames (bitmaps) and that makes you flash SWF real huge :frowning: