Flash And HTML

I want to create a Dynamic Text Box in Flash, that I can use to display HTML. That way, I can update the HTML file without needing to update my FLA. Does anyone know how to do this? All of the tutorials on other sites are incomplete.

If anyone has an adequate link to a WORKING tutorial that to would help. Thanks,


hi there,

Why are you making an HTML file to display the html in your Flash page, why not use Notepad and link a .txt file and update that one everytime…I know that that is possible, don’t know about the html one though and there are various tutorials on this site for linking a .txt file… I don’t know exactly where or else i would’ve provided the link, but u can check the tutorials for it

My mistake. I did not mean to use an HTML file, only HTML FORMATTING. And since this is possible with a .txt file I will use that.

One final question though. I know how to display a .txt file in Flash, but can a .txt file be displayed in a SCROLLABLE text field in Flash?



I don’t know about that, u will most probably have to script a scrollbar for that

This can easily be accomplished in Flash by following this tutorial step by step all the way through:


This tutorial IS complete… you just need to follow all the steps.

Sweet. I will check out the link. Nice flower by the way!