Using a htlm file to populate info in a scrolling text box?

Hi All,

As you can probably guess I’m new to flash but it seems to be getting easier as I program in it more and more.

Now I’m stumped, I’m not sure on how too go about populating text boxes??? I can enter the text manually into the text box but I can’t seem to populate it with anything else.

Ultimatley I would like to populate the scrolling text box with a plain text html file with a couple of graphics in it to be scrolled with the text.

Or maybe I’m going about this all wrong??? Any help is greatly appreciated!

Scrolling text and graphics together can be a real pain in the butt for a Flash developer. Populating text fields is pretty easy though.

Lets say you have a dynamic text field, with a “variable” name of

Now, if you declare that variable on the main timeline, it will show up in that box. ie

myTextBox=This is an example of a dynamic text box.;

on the main timeline would show. Likewise if in a movie clip you placed

_root.myTextBox=This is an example of a dynamic text box.;

it would show up in the text box as well.

Try out that simple example in a test movie, and then ask me about html in dynamic text boxes and I’ll explain from there.