Flash menu inside Dreamweaver Template using GETURL command

Nice easy question for you.

I’m using a flash menu inside a Dreamweaver template to navigate the html pages in the site.
Now I’m using GETULR and this works fine to open the link BUT opens it in a new window… how do I tell flash to keep the template on the page and simply load the linked html into the template (I’m not using frames)?

Also while we’re at it a silly question - were this simply an html page I could link simply to “page.html” in the site - with flash I seem to have to link to the actual URL eg www.mysite.com/pages/page.html is there a way around this? e.g. place the flash movie in the root of the folder for the webpage and then simply link to /pages/page.html…?

I’d really appreciate your help on this guys I’m a little screwed for time here!