Flash MX and database interaction

Hello there,

Im hoping that someone out there has been successful doing what I have been unable to do…that is use mx to communicate with a database…not using CF.

I guess what I am looking for is how to feed flash mx variables from a database and recover data filled into the the flash mx page from flash mx to the data base server.

Example: using the flash mx text field, dropdown or radio button objects, how do you pass information into the flash page, and how do you recover the selected user information from the forms so that it may be transferred from the client to the server. :wink:


That’s a pretty complex thing… most of mine still have glitches in them. We do however have some people with this experience here at Kirupa.

I personaly, have some PHP docs that work to communicate with a mysql database. If your server is using those, I will be happy to send them to you with some explination as to what they are doing.

As for receiving the stuff into Flash… you use the loadVariables(); method to accomplish this.

thanks so much

so now what I am after is how do you go from flash (the presentation layer) to PHP (thin middle layer). I don’t know a thing about PHP, but I do know as with any web scripting language its mode of operation is like ASP. In other words you need to submit to a server to have any action happening…right?

Therefore what is important is not the server submit, but how the information gets from flash to the page before submit of the page (im thinking outloud). If I can get information from flash to ASP, the rest (communication with the data layer) I can handle.


At least I think this what I would need to know.
Hopefully this not entirely a dumb question.

What do you mean without using CF ??

And MX features a new way to communicate with PHP : loadVars objects. Not very clear to me how this works, but I heard it’s great.

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Well… one thing to note is that if you call loadVariables(); from Flash it will send every variable on the main timeline to whatever doc you name in the method. I know that’s pretty strange… it’s called loadVariable, not sendVariable, but it does in fact send variables.

Thanks for all your help. I am afraid I do need to draw from the database…bummer. Next version may support the problem.

hmmm, I will email Colin Mock and see what he has to say.
I will post any news I get.

CF=Cold Fusion. Its now part of the whole MX solution…Macromedia seems to have it all figured out, but the snag here is that we are not working with ColdFusion servers.

Thanks again.

oh… well you can communicate with cold fussion I think that you just need to go through something else to get it to work right, or something like that. I’ll look it up in my server book.
I’m sure there’s a way with Flash5.0

hey upuaut8 if you don’t mind, can you send the php files with an example of an fla that it works to me? nothing fancy, just something to help get the understanding. my email is [email protected]

no problem… I’ll pack them up into a zip

If you can share with the rest of us, it would be much appreciated.

this is all great. i look forward to checking out your php files.

bump… so I remember to do this tonight