Flash MX Tutorials

Will there be flash mx tutorials on the site soon?

You bet Blade! Once school is out for Spring Break in a week, I’ll be writing a good amount of tutorials. I’ll start of with basics and then slowly progress onto the advanced stuff!

:lol: … impatient masses… already you want tutorials?? :slight_smile:

hehe. I’ve only been using Flash MX for 5 mins now; already i can see that I have a lot to learn in the interface and such.

Just to appease anyone’s urges to see something Flash MX covered on my site, I have the basic structure down: www.kirupa.com/developer/mx/index.htm In the next few weeks I’ll populate it with tutorials, info, and more!

Looking good ! By the way, I was wondering : I downloaded Flash MX, but it wants me to shut down Flash 5 before I can install it. I fear that it will overwrite Flash 5, and since I haven’t bought MX yet… Basically, I want to be able to use Flash 5 when the MX version expires. What do you think ?
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I was able to use both Flash 5 and Flash MX at the same time pom. Sure, all FLA and SWF files default to the FMX viewer/program, Flash 5 can still be accessed from the Start menu.

Phwew… It works. But I really can’t get used to the as editor. I like to lay out the structure in normal mode, but I can’t even get a lousy onClipEvent (enterFrame) to appear ! Maudit !!!
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Yes, it might take a while for us to get used to Flash MX. I was used to having the action panel appear in its own little window; this is just too strange for me :slight_smile:

i, too have spring break coming up next week. i’ll be sure to put something up!

I figured out how to use the text scroller component. I have a question though; has anyone noticed that the text scroller does not work when text is imported from a text file stored in another location? The text displays, but the actualling scrolling is disabled.

Entering text in the dynamic text field directly enables the scrollbars. Quite strange…


hmm… I’ll take a look. I never really understood scrollers before though so… :slight_smile:

Theres going to be a section that is actionscript right?

I just finished the Macromedia tutorials (the first set). It was pretty good but there were a couple of errors in it.

Flash MX kicks butt! I like!


Hey newbieflasher,
I don’t think I will create a separate ActionScript section for Flash MX. I will simply add on to the existing ActionScript section with Flash MX sensitive information.

I haven’t decided yet :slight_smile: