Pardon my ignorance but

What is Flash MX?

I saw it for sale today and I had to come here and ask someone real fast.

Is this like Flash 6.0?

flash 6 will not exist, MX is Flash 6.

Ahhhhhh that makes sense. I was actually under the impression that is wasn’t being released until the end of the year and I though MX was a more advanced version of 5 or something like that.

Well that’s interesting to know, I don’t like the price tag but I will get it eventually when I save enough money.

The newest version of Flash is MX 2004, or flash 7.

Wait… this was posted in 2002… oops…

LOL, better late then never:lol:


LOL. Don’t forget to come back to this when the next version of Flash is released :wink:

I don’t even know how I found this thread :lol:

I’m impressed, I used to do this alot… but then kirupa got mad :stuck_out_tongue: