Existencial MX question

I’m a bit hesitant to jump the MX bandwagon. I’m trying to develop corporate homepages (I sound more important than I am :wink: ) and I don’t want my pages to be unavailable to potential customers. What are your thoughts about this? Sure MX is cool and everybody in here have dl’d and installed the player long time ago but what about all others? Do you have any knowledge of how long it took for Flash 5 to become the norm?


it was only a short time until the Flash 5.0 player came out as a standard in IE and NN, not sure about Opra… I don’t know if that’s an indicator or not… for now, I’m going to ensure that my stuff passes the 5.0 muster, that way I don’t have to worry about it… but I doubt that it will take long, the Flash plugins are usually quite small in file size.

Heck, despite what I say above, I still work out most of my professional projects to work on Flash 4 plugins… I hate to lose anyone.

The easy answer is yes - go for it !. You can always save your work as Flash 5 from within MX, in the meantime it will give you the chance to practice with some of the new features and have things ready for when the rest of the world catches up with the Flash 6 player plug ins

don’t worry, in about a month, everybody should have the plugin installed on their comps. that number is hypothetical, but with the direction web technology is going these days, more and more sites will be updating their sites for flash 6/mx. as of now, there aren’t a lot of sites for obvious reason, it only came out last week.

fla’s are not 100% compatible between Flash 5 and MX. I’ve tried to open one of my flas with MX, it worked, but then the animation wouldn’t play. That was the “bacteria effect”, and the bacteria were actually not moving at all…

This sucks.

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can you send me that swf, or prefereably the fla… I’d be interested in seeing in what way it get’s fouled.

Actually, I tried the bacteria effect with Flash MX, and the bmacteria don’t move at all. Pretty ugly then…

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I still don’t understand… can you post that swf here?

It’s on this site, check the new tutorials.
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