Who's going to get Flash MX?

I know this is a redundant question, but who all is going to jump the Flash MX bandwagon when it comes out?


Flash MX?..I read a hefty review at www.flashkit.com/reviews/flashmx/
It looks interesting, and has a few more features. I just got Flash5 a few weeks ago, and I feel I’m just starting to scratch the surface and make some progress, thanks to you helpful peeps and the fine tuts here. To answer the question, I think I’m going to wait till I get more comfortable with Flash5, download the trial and have a peek at it. I’m 50/50 on it now.

That’s a bit of a poblem, isn’t it ? I started flashing 3 months ago, i just got usd to it, and now I have to change it… And what about books ? I was thinking about getting the Math Flash book by FOE, and now, I don’t know any more… Dur dur.

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I’m going to wait and see what everyone else here thinks about it when they get it. But I’ll probably end up getting a copy.

get out of here…flash 5… JA JA JA…
i take the tour of flash mx…and… I SAI GET out of here…"…
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I’m thinking that Flash 6 will be able to do anything that Flash MX can, so I’ll probebly just stick with that program when it comes out… however, if enough of you seem to think that it has features that just can’t be done in 6.0, then I’ll concider it. Either way I’ll go for the free download 30 day trial once it’s out.

Flash 6 ??
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yes… Flash 6.0 is still due to be released or am I insane because all my capaciters have blown?

Is Flash MX not Flash 6.0? I don’t really know. I was under the impression that Flash MX is Flash 6.

hmmm… now that’s a thought that I had not had before. It’s quite possible that my brain went when my motherboard blew. I’ll go to Macromedia and see if I can discover the answer to that question.

I will no doubt give the demo a try…but i will have to get a few more projects before i can afford it… ;]


Well, the upgrade is listed at 149… that’s not that bad at all, as far as those kind of things go. If it is Flash6.0, then I will definitely be buying it at that price. As it is, because I have a tax id number, I can write it off on my taxes anyway, so there is little reason why I wouldn’t upgrade.

:frowning: This suckz. I just get one therefore blowing all of my spare cash (I am 15) and now I have to get another.

Why oh why does the technical world hate me???

Can’t Macromedia release a freebie thing with less features for the students among us???

Well I’m off to wallow in the self pitty of having no cash.


Keep an eye out on Ebay. I just saw multiple sale copies of Flash 5.0 both the academic version, and the regular retail version. If you don’t mind not registering it, you’ll find some really really nice prices. I think that there was one there for 28 bucks.

I have no doubt that FlashMX will be on ebay quickly after it’s release. You might have to wait a month, but I doubt much longer than that.

I will definitely buy MX asap, even if i don’t like the new name. Why? well, here’s just a few lines of Pope de Flash review on Flashkit:

“…And now for what I think is the most significant addition to the FMX new features: first is the ability to load both .jpgs and .mp3 sound files dynamically WITHOUT using generator. This is huge in the area of being able to make apps that have skins and the ability to now send sound at broadcast quality over the web and dynamically change a play list on the fly. The other is the ability to import video natively into Flash…”

Besides all the other new features, just these 3 points are so cool, i can’t wait to get it! Upgrade your players now, the web enters a new age!

I think Flash MX is Flash 6. I noticed a post on Wildform.com with the text Flash MX (Flash 6); so I can assume that Flash MX is Flash 6.

For those that are interested - I have been testing Flash MX for 2 weeks now. (And yes flash Mx is the new name for flash 6…MX is a whole new series of apps are comming out that will communicate easily between each other ie: Dreamweaver MX (New ultradev) Coldfusion MX …etc, etc)…

The new features / new look / enhanced actionscript and modular design of things like ui components, are all a big step forward in my humble opinion…I cannot wait for the other MX apps to be released! The complete web applications we are going to be able to build with this release will be phenominal…

Quite a few things are different in this release and the whole asctionscript interface is very different with a lot of old methods and actions now depreciated. Anyone thinking of buying books on flash 5 should wait for new books to come out on Flash mx as you will need to unlearn quite a few things…

Start saving your pennies…the year ahead is going to be fun!

some of you in previous posts were wondering about making the upgrade to Flash MX or buying flash 5 books or just waiting a while. My suggestions is to wait till march 15 - get the trial download of mx from the macromedia site and see for yourself…

In my mind, to spend hard earned cash on a flash 5 or actionscript book now would be a bad idea. Flash Mx is going to be more expensive than previous releases as well…But thats the price of progress. We always seem to be buying new hardware / software / books …and having to spend large amounts of time learning how to use them. That’s I.T for you! Que Sera Sera…

It sucks - yes…But I wouldn’t go back to my Intel 286 with 16mb of ram, windows 3.1 and programming solely with html… (Arghhhh). We have come a long way and change is good!

Hi Down Under (as your pseudo suggests),
as you seem pretty well informed about new Macromedia products, any idea when they plan to release Dream/fireworks 5/MX ?
I just had an idea…make Flash have a sendTo button that works like Photoshop/Image Ready, so you open Dream directly from within Flash to edit the html…
How come you can test Flash MX and we can’t? Not fair!!
As for the books, i just bought 2 of’em…can still continue using Flash 5 untill users upgrade their players…but if nobody produces flash 6, nobody will (need to) upgrade their players…which came first, the chicken or the egg?..

You know on the Macromedia website how if you right-click the swf it gives you only 1 option on the menu (About Macromedia Flash Player 5…), what about the possibility of a plugin or a 3rd party that does a drag and drop interface to do that to your files. I wish I knew how to do it.

any incorrect spellings are purely intentional- or just me being a raubbish typer.