Publishing Flash on my webpage

OK, I am very new at flash and web page making. I just recently went into Swift 3D where I made a quick little piece of work.

  1. I made the text say “Hoover” which rotated horizontally.
  2. Then I exported the entire animation.
  3. Next I imported it with flash.
  4. I then hit publish.
  5. I opened the html file in frontpage and copied the animation
  6. I pasted it on my webpage where I wanted it
  7. All I see is a big white square

note I have the .swf and the html in the same folder already.
Any suggestions?

did you do a test in Flash before you published, using menu option “control/test”?

note I have the .swf and the html in the same folder already.
Good thing to mention… it was the first thing I thought of. :slight_smile:

yeah I did that and it worked. Here is another thing I just noticed. When I go into my web page directory through internet explorer I can see all the files. So I looked at the swf and html movie and they both worked. Then I noticed there was another folder and it had the movie in that one also. When I opened that one it was just a white squre(like the one I see when I put it on my web page) Can you figure that out?

ooo I might know.

If you imported it into Flash, it may have offset the animation by a certain amount down and to the right. It has to do with the registration points.
You should be able to see it visibly off the stage area when you open flash.

If this is the case, my suggestion is go into flash. Grab the first empty frame after all the keyframes. holding the mouse button down, drag to the left to select all the frames.

choose menu option “edit/cut frames”
choose menu option “insert/create new symbol”
choose movie clip from the options provided
you will be brought into the timeline for that new movie clip
select the only empty frame on the timeline, layer1 frame 1
choose menu option “edit/paste frames”

go back to the main timeline, and simply move the movie clip to your liking, or use the align panel to align it to center.

Nope when I do that, I cant even see the movie in flash. Back before I could see it in flash but not on the webpage

ooo I forgot a step…

after you’ve got the whole thing in the new movie clip you have to drag it from the library to your main stage.

Sorry bout that.

I’ll think about that other problem you mentioned… i’m not sure what that could be.