Flash or HTML for a bold and memorable portfolio site?

So. As a design student it’s ‘recommended’ that any aspiring designer of any sort have under their belt a fabulously innovative portfolio site filled with interactivity and style that leaves the user begging for more as they flip through each and every page.

But the big question is how you format it? Do you go for something exquisitely interactive with more tricks than a circus clown, or something reliable and maybe whilst not as exiting, is stable and isn’t going to make you cry every time you have to add a new page.

As an aspiring graphic and web-designer, it’s hit me on the head several times that I need to create my portfolio site and that I need to sit down and decide just how it’s going to sit together. But I’m already at a crossroads before I even begin. So this is a shout out to all those professionally established designers. What is YOUR opinion on portfolio creation? Do you think that HTML/CSS is better for terms of updating and for universal accessibility or should I be considering a Flash creation that let’s the user play with the site themselves?

All thoughts and suggestions will be massively appreciated. As this is my first portfolio, I’ve decided that asking the ‘pros’ for any sort of pointer is going to be a sensible move.

Thanks all!