Flash vs. Flash MX

hi there,

this might sound like a studpid q, but i can’t really figure it out, what the difference is between flash and flash mx. So why is flash more usefull than flash mx and vice versa…??

Any reply will help my confusion…,

tnx, notpro

Hey notpro,
Simply put, Flash MX does everything Flash 5 does and more. Whatever you can create in Flash 5, Flash MX can do it as well. You have a lot of cool features in MX such as built-in components for making your own scrollbar and such.

A cool feature I found is, I can break text into their individual letters. After that, the individual letters can automatically be placed in their own layer. The video output feature is pretty cool as well. You are given more ActionScripting features. The inputting of code is more Visual Basic like with code being automatically filled out for you when typing. Saves time when typing onClipEvent over and over again.

I’ll post some more once I have time…gotta finish this tutorial!