Flashing Amber Films

Ive been given the task of making a logo for a film production company called Flashing Amber Films. Ive already decided with the company as to what the logo should look like but they wanted some different looking ideas with added touches.

Here are 3 of the ones ive done and im just curious as to which works the best.


The diffrence being what exactly?? to me they all look the same like a egg about to be fried , sorry but t me it doesnt represent the name of the company, but if your client likes it then all is good but i really dont see any diference only for a little darker gray shadow thats it.

The logo looks nice dont get me wrong but i jsut cant relate to it thats all sorry if my criticism is not what you asked for i just had to let ya know buddy :wink:

you might want to retain the shape but do not use so many colors on a logo (ie soft, shadows, smooth highlights). Try keeping the shape, and using different colors.

i like number 3, and the colors seem good to me!

I agree with you Grimdeath. About the logo not really relating to the name of the company. To be honest they have been pretty awkard up untill now and they seem to like this one alot.

There will be different versions for different types of media. For example to ones ive posted already will be for the Web, but the one used for print is different and more simple (see attacthed).

Playing with the logo. Came up with this, still has no real direction i guess, but as long as the client is smiling i don’t mind.

Comments welcome.
(all photoshop)

if the client likes it thats all that matters. To me it does look like an egg and I do not get flims or flashing ambers in my head. Although I did think of a rather cool logo while reading the posts. But in anyother circumstance I would say this is a nice distinct logo.

Thin out the white area and add a lil chaos to the outer shape. Then I can see where you are going with it. But the client is all that matters not us bozo’s

Care to share your ’Cool’ logo idea?

well it is hard to explain…it just popped into my head. I may try to sketch it…and if it looks good take it to illustrator. But that may not be today.

But it had to do with sparks making up a stylized “f”…It looked cool in my head…lol

[SIZE=1]I never get cool logo ops like this one[/SIZE]

Well i would certainly be interested in seeing this and the imagery i have now seems nice. Even better if this could be made into a small Ident with the sparks making up the F in a small intro.

If you get time i would be certainly interested.

yeah, u should defnitley add text to it…like “Flashing Amber Films” in a nice font…with a good color.

i think the logo has alot of potential, but at the moment it dosent read to me as flashing amber films. do you need that egg shape in the middle? maybe you can use that “f” concept DDD is coming up with within that outer shape, personally i think that egg shape is the confusing part of the design (being that it seems to be the focal point)

Hmmm… flaming amber… I see what you tried to do w/ the yellow… maybe you could do that same Amber… w/o the yolk :slight_smile: and put a swirling flame around it? Or maybe you can make it look like the Amber is melting away at the top w/ a flame bursting out. Maybe just put an F in it looking like it was fossilized inside it.

sorry but everytime I see it I see an egg :smiley: but I love the one in the paper, looks very pro

Ahh, the EGG is haunting me…

Hahaha , :lol:

:run: run dude … run…

:: what stage are you at with the client? can you present them with another concept? or a edited version of this?

The letters FAF are great logo letters. You can put one of the Fs backwards and you auto matically have symmetry. You should try and incoporate the letters into the same shape as the logo you already have. At first I actually thought you had done that. The amber bit n the middle already looks kind of like an A but you shoul work on the sides. This has the potential for a great logo.

Here’s an idea I did up in Fireworks which is similar-***ish*** (emphasis on the ish) to your design. It’s incredibly basic but hopefully it will give you some ideas.

I like the fossilized idea made by simplistik. Man I wish this was my project. I never get cool logo opportunities.

Im really pleased you are showing alot of interest in this.

Im at a stage where they are happy for my ideas to be chucked at them. Ive basically shown them the initial simple idea and they said they liked it. But for a while they were being picky but vague which is really annoying.

Im playing about now with these ideas and i will post some up shortly so you can all have a look.

Keep the ideas coming,