New Company Logo ! hlp

I was thinking of a new logo for my “company” and I play with flash mx and got this out !

what do you guys think ?

If you have other idias please show me !

Thank you very much ! :rambo:

it needs some color. and it should look cool :slight_smile:

what Kind of colors ?

looks really good actually
i like the thingies on the end
nice job

Yeah thats cool :thumb: Doesn’t necesarily (sp?) need colour :beam:

  • Soul :s:

I like it! The only thing I can point out is maybe amke the smaller txt “designs” clearer… maybe! But it’s cool!

SHall I make the txt : Design : More Clear !

Okay !

fixed it !

see the Attch.file

looks a lot better now… good job

now this’s what I’m atlkin’ about! Very nice!

Thank you ! :slight_smile:

Anything more ?

Please just tell me !

Shall I change the font ?
To what ? ?

yeah, I was about to suggest something about the font… or maybe the shapes. it looks cool right now… but perhaps try increasing the angle on the inner angles of of ‘the shapes’ so that 4 things wrap round the D a bit better! just a suggestion :wink:

hey i think that looks really good as is. i cant really find anything to tweak. and cause its vector it will be able to size to basicly anything you need. good job!


I have other logos ! do you whant to see them ?
or do I have to creat a new thread ?

spose you could just stick 'em on here… don’t know if it will make much difference to the publicity they get :wink:

just add them here…I personally think that honeycomb shape is extremely overused in the web world today so based on that I must say nope… me no like it…but it is a cool logo otherwise…simple…equals…good…

yeah the honeycomb shape is overused, but at least blastboy’s changed the shape to a more extended one… and the positioning of them is nice

i think it’s a good logo anyway!


I have many Idias !

check it out !

i like that one much much better. It is all about branding when it comes to logo. I will remember that logo. where as the honeycomb thing was way to commom. Plus yu new one would look good regardless the size. It is simple and abstract but powerful at the same time…that is a winner keep it! (or I will----j/k)