Fleetwood Mac

I just finished setting up the stage/sound/lighting for the Fleetwood Mac concert tonight…Its going to rock. Anybody seen Fleetwood lately?

Is that they guy in tights and some chick?

I’ve seen their record at a used music shop here.

Im may be really young, but come on, I know who they are, how can you not know who stevie nicks is?

Cuz Im a dirty red commie! :smiley:

Who cares? I am not big on guys in tights, unless its Van Halen.

To answer your question, nope - haven’t seen them lately at all. I’ve actually never seen them since a few short tv interviews. I may be waaay off base here, but wasn’t the guy with the moustache who is in FM the one who got Melissa Etheridge pregnant (surrogate something or other).

I could’ve sworn I saw a 20/20 episode of Melissa’s kid where they mentioned that a few years ago. If not, I must have a wicked imagination :thumbs:

EDIT: Nvm - that was CSNY :stuck_out_tongue:

IDK much about FWM, but let me tell you…“Everywhere” is a great song my them!:smiley:

Just got back, man that was so awesome. Landslide and Rhiannon were the highlight of the night. Nobody in the band wears tights, this isnt an “80’s” band at all.

oh no, everyone’s worst nightmare has come true - fleetwood mac are back…
seriously, I thought they were dead or sumfin :S


You a bit of a Godspeed You! Black Emporer fan?

*shy’s away…yes

Good. Im glad there are other diverse music guru’s like myself on theses boards. How about, A Silver Mount Zion?

Of course

Do Make Say Think?

I love fleetwood mac, and would love to see them, but never have even seen a photograph… :stuck_out_tongue:

This thread just gets weirder, but Im starting to feel at home with you people. I feel warm and fuzzy =)

Thats becuase we are warm and fuzzy…

Where are you in the u.k.?

The land of Yorkshire. Near York believe it or not.