Flyer Review please!

hello! I just finished this flyer of my company :slight_smile: what do u think??? Its going to be shown in a mall so I need good feedback please, what do u like, what do u hate, C&C :slight_smile: if u want to see the in better resolution go here.

I still have to add some text, my phone number, email, etc…maybe that type of pic is overused but I still love it :love:

Thanks! :beer:

I love it! It certainly catches my eye!
the colors & locations of make it hard to read. But just that text, the text in the flower and the white text at the bottom read wondefully.
Perhaps just play with the color, a border or something for the text.

thanks man, glad someone like it :stuck_out_tongue: I need for feedback! thanks! :slight_smile:

:smiley: Bing!

Maybe the words “Frame Creation” could be moved down a little?

I really like it but I think that the orange doesn’t really fit onto the yellow flower background, sorta opposing colors

i think that the f in frame creation should be capitalized, and the entire phraze should be moved a bit, as it doesn’t seem to sit well, over the edge of the flower pedals. Maybe if you made it bigger, and added a soft Drop Shadow/OuterGlow, it might look a little better…

everything else looks good to me…

yes the word framecreation is a little hard to read, I´ll change that, about making the f capitalized I cant, its part of the logo of the company (I`ll have to convince my brother :P) but thanks for telling me, I´ll play with some colors and change the orange

the frameCreation on the bottom-left corner needs to stand out more :mu:

ur right color, the bottom-left framecreation needs to stand out more, I´ll make the changes

It looks good, but be careful not to overcram the page with text (if you are adding your email etc onto it)!

yeah, hes right…it would be too overwhelming with lots of text…keep it simple :mu:

yes I was thinking the same but I dont know…u guys think I need to add my email, phone number and all that stuff in a flyer??? Its a must or not?

I wouldn’t bother - as long as the information is available at

yes the info is available at the site, I´ll keep it simple then :slight_smile: take a look, I add a small drop shadow to the framecreation at the top, is more visible now, and changed the color of the framecreation at the bottom, more visible now too :slight_smile:

Only if I could read spanish :a:. :run: Opens Dicionario Is that how you spell it :P?

Anyways the colors are great. That yellow always catches my eyes ;).

much better… good job!

lol, close shaf…it´s “diccionario” :wink:

thanks Majeye…
yep i think it looks better but still I think I could make it look better but I dont know what else to do :puzzled:

I dig! Personally though, I’d probobly break up the color of the logo so it’s a bit more clear… like this:


(just different colors)

edit: thanks Reefster. :hangover:

Theres no s in it ;).

that not a bad idea disco, I´ll try, thanks; and yes, there´s no s in there :stuck_out_tongue: