For the FF7 Fans

I saw a few of you talking in a previous thread about my all time favourite game in the world, ever, and dug this out.

Recognise the character at all? :stuck_out_tongue:

Have to say I’ve got all the FF games on PS1 and 2, from about IV to X. VII was the best without question - great plot and characters, and the graphics weren’t too bad either. IX is also a good one, quite funny as well. X… well I’m not sold on it. I’ve only just bought it, so haven’t finished it yet.


Well done that man!

Kit that was beautiful. Tife rocks.

I must say, that Aeris of FF7 was my fav character…


Anwho… Excellent pic Kit…most excellent indeed.

I actually thought the graphics were just flat out astounding considering the time it came out (1997?).

I think everyone rocked! Well Yuffie kind of annoyed me, but she was a good fighter…so it worked out.

I’ve got one of Sephiroth and Vincent too somewhere… I’ll dig it out. :slight_smile:

I think Cloud and Tidus look kinda similar… except for the size of course :stuck_out_tongue:

Tell me guys, where the hell is Vincent hiding in FF7?

Never did find him, and I’ve played it like 3 times…

In the Shinra Mansion in Clouds hometown.

All the way in the basement behind that locked door.

You have to get the key from the safe which is also in a room in the Shinra Mansion. (up the steps and to the right I believe)

Ah, where the gals are dressed up as whores (or something) right?

No, the shinra mansion is in Clouds hometown.

Gah… I can’t remember the name of it!!!

Anywho… It is the abandoned mansion, It is tifas home town also.

Has the winding steps to go to the basement.

You visit there on your search for Sephiroth. Sephiroth finds documentation in the basement… there is an FMV about that.



I think I remember something now yes…

I was in that basement… d*mn… then i was close to finding him…

Yeah you have to open the safe to get the key.

If you wandered around that mansion you would have gotten scraps of paper that had numbers on them.

The 3 numbers make up the combination.

You have to go up the steps, and to the left into a room where there is a safe.

You have to enter the combination quick and without mistakes to open it.

After you get it open youw ill have to fight a boss that is half/half. One half hot and one half cold if I remember correctly (which I probably don’t).

After beating him you will get the key to the basement door and some other cool items.

Ooohh… maybe I should try the game once more :slight_smile:

Oh wait… I can’t… :*(

Oh how I miss my Playstation :*(

I am about to prove once and for all just how geeky I am. :slight_smile:

Vincent was indeed hidden in the Shinra Mansion in Nibelheim. You can get him the first time you visit there. Somewhere in the Mansion is a bit of paper with four clues on it (the last is in invisible ink) telling you that someone is locked away in the basement and by getting these four clues right, you’ll find the combination to open the safe and get the key to release him.

When you’ve got all four numbers, you open the safe and get attacked by a monster called Lost Number (don’t ask how i remember all this. I have no idea). He’s got one strong magical half that’s vulnerable to physical attacks and one strong physical half that’s vulnerable to magic. Eventually you’ll kill one half off and be left with the other. I found that the physical half is more likely to kill you, so soon as the whole battle begins, only use magic attacks to kill off the physical side and be left with the nice and easy magic one.

Once you’ve killed him completely, you’ll get a key and an Odin materia.

Go to the basement as per the storyline. Once you’re down there, there’s a screen with a long passageway leading up to the library. There’s a door there. Open it. Find Vincent. You’ll have to talk to him a couple of times though, until he just says “Leave me alone” or something similar. Do the whole Library / Sephiroth bit then come out and he’ll join you.


Wow… thats some memory you have there Kit.

Did you ever see the hidden scene with Lucrecia? (you need to have vincent in your party)

Of course I did - Disk 2 once you’ve got the submarine from Junon. The waterfalls near Nibelheim, park on the beach to the left, and walk under the waterfall. Hoo boy.

Haha… I got there on the highwind.

If you land at exactly the right spot… you can land on the dock, get out and booyah… the scene is all yours.