Formatting text dynamically read with html ... possible?

Hi all, new here & enjoying the tuts … esp. liked the one about reading a .txt file into a dynamic scrolling box for the content section of a site. BUT I have one question … is there anyway to format this text within the .txt file with html (or something else) … in other words I want my headers bold etc & Im worried about hyperlinks within the text. When I tried to add html tags flash just displays them in the text area … not exactly what I was looking for!

Any help would be appreciated, Im trying this out with a client that doesnt want frames or a full scrollbar on the side but cant have the background of the page tile either so I really thought this was my answer.

it’s pretty easy, just set the textField’s html value to true and use its .htmlText property and not its .text property. here i’ll demo:

my_txt.html = true;
my_txt.htmlText = ‘<b>test</b>’;

the html tags that flash supports are a subset of the true html tags so watch out! the formatting of the text will adhere to the html tags and not the textField’s properties when using this method.