Forum Moderator wins contest! t-shirt contest…

i submited 3 designs and 2 have been chosen for print at the same time. I got the best record on that site now. wee!! the designs will son be available for purchase from their product catalouge. my designs are the very top ones under the name “CFP”…

I saw this post on BB Forum but I guess i’ll just reply here even though you showed me on AIM the other day! I like the red one the best because its just such a random design that no one else could have possibly ever think of so I liked that one but the other one is cool too but I like the first one if I bought one (ya ever know, cause I might)! So do you make money off of this edwin?

Congrats sir. That’s awesome

Yes, that is awesome. Congratulations.

I like the red one :slight_smile:

Nice stuff!

Great site!


Wow edwin! The shirts look really nice. Any idea on where one can buy these (besides their site?) Cuz some of those designs are really edgy.

Kirupa :rambo:

I can’t believe they restocked the “He Shoot Me” shirts by abnormalbehaviorchild, I love that shirt but everytime I went there to get it they were sold out. Now I have absolutely no money and they are getting a fresh stock. They are evil:evil:

Well when I get some money I will get that AND the beat bt music music tee :slight_smile:

haha dope. thanx for the support. BTW did i mention how awesome u guys are. hugs to all