Foundation Flash 5

After reading this book what skill level should you be around in Flash 5?? If you fully understand everything etc.

is that book worth reading? I have it but I also have ASDG by Colin Moock and I don’t know if I should even bother with Foundation… any comments, thanks -Brian

Foundation is a great book to get you started, I worked through this and Flash 5 Studio, and loved both of them.\rThe Moock book is great to look up anything about Actionscript, or to get a more in depth knowledge 'bout how Flash works; read all of them and you should be able to get most everything figured out!

Foundation Flash 5 is the first book that I bought and I really enjoyed, and it does give you a very good foundation to base the rest of your actionscript learning on; hence it is called the foundation.\r\rMy two bits,\rMatt

I also have the book but I haven’t really read on past about page 30, I have an ok skill level at flash atm but I also know that the book would help me learn alot of stuff the thing is the first part when you have to make the mushroom grow that whole first part is kind of a boring and I haven’t managed to make myself read on <img src= ALT=":"> in this book can I skip the first part of the mushroom or must I do it? To be able to complete exercises later in the book, Thanks\r\rBTW, After this book what is the best way to become better at flash?? is there any other books that you recommend or should I just stick around the forums and do those tutorials etc. \r\rThanks Again.

Yes, the mushroom growing thing was a little odd and boring but you can skip the first half and get to the beefer stuff with out doing the biggining stuff. Although if you do each of the chpaters it walks you through and how to use this stuff and incorporate it into a complete web site.\r\rIt was a good book for me maybe not for you :wink: \r\rMatt

thank you matt. that was extremely helpful for me.\r\r-brian amonkeymonkey

i hope you guys don’t actually buy your books…\ri’m pretty sure you can find some decent flash books at your local library. hell, i found Moock’s ASDG at my library (hypocritical me bought it anyway). i’m saying this because some books are very expensive and there are lots. you won’t become a master reading just one book. you have to pick up a couple and also read articles found on the internet.

Yeah… only buy ones that come with a CD and you KNOW have some good scripts on that media. \r\rBooks are a tough choice. I still stand by these two for intermediate flashers. (anyone who has completed and understood “foundation” is intermediate in my book.)\r\rFlash 5.0 developer’s guide. It’s a big orange book. I don’t have the ISBN handy.\rand \rServer-Side Flash (ISBN 0-7645-3598-6)\r\rI’m just reading through the latter now, and I’m finding a lot of undocumented action script.

yeah, i also took a look at that book and found that most of the script was PHP or cgi. i think that book assumes too much.

Well it sucks for me since I live in a small town, the library has absolutely no books on flash or any web design, its pathetic so I have to buy books if I want to read them.