Frame Speed

I want to make a button that will slow down or speed up my flash animation. Is there a way to adjust the frame speed through a button?


Hey flam79,
I don’t think the frame speed of an animation can be adjusted by Flash itself. You can adjust the FPS for the entire movie though.

well i’m trying to make a button that allows the viewer to slow down or speed up what they are seeing…
is there a way of doing that?

there’s absolutely no way of controlling the movie’s FPS. i tried finding a way back in version 4 myself. no mas, man.

Well there is actually a way of doing it, but, and it’s a big BUT… there is no way of controling how slow or fast you make it.

The idea would be to have a number of complex animations which you would start playing, but only off stage. These would bog down the processor of the viewer and cause the entire movie to move slower.

This is completely worthless though, as you never know who is viewing your animation so you really don’t know what processor they have. On PI users you could lock them up, and on the PIV they might not even notice the effect.

So in essence, no, there is no way of doing what you want, in a reasonable manner.

Just thought I’d add this in as a possibility… it CAN work… it just doesn’t very well. :slight_smile: