French nation flash competition

hi all,

i’ve made this site+intro in 24h hours, please tell me what you think… the subject given was: “the entrance” …

thank you


Looks nice man. I don’t know what anything says, but at least it looks good.

I really like the mouseover effects you had for your preloaders…it kept me entertained while I waited for the movie to load (which took quite a while considering I’m on my school’s LAN).

The actual page looks a little bare though. Maybe add a background or title of some kind? Excellent job.


i really like the effects that happen when you move your mouse during the preloader. everything else rules too!

so any critics??

helooo!!! :slight_smile:

hope the author of “scatter mouse” won’t get angry…
U know what i mean…

i’m asking about the critics of the site: and you’re talking about your knowlegde of flashkit freewares… man ! who cares?!!
i’m searching constructive critics, not grand mom speech… please

try to do something of yours, not to take what everybody can…

that’s crap…

make text to those buttons!

it’s only a 1kb plugin loaded in level… just for the preloading so that you dont wait a lot…

  • Mmhh, i dont like the fonts during the loading part, the percentage gets squished and the loading text sort of blurry, use pixel fonts…

  • ‘Es-tu pret?’ sound better than ‘Tu es pret ?’

  • What’s the use of loading the vinyl players if it’s almost not shown ? --> loading time was long even on my dsl line

  • when it says: ‘selon la legende des temps anciens’ the tweening box looks like it doesnt have the right size at the end…

You want critique??? Well, I’ll tell you this: It takes too long to load!

freaking awesome

man some on those effect where to much.
How the hell did you make those blue :battery: flashes.

PLease give me a tut. where i can learn Those effects.

But… there allways a but…
I find the interface REALLY REALLY Boring.
It’s like 3 really big buttons that show a little txt.
not liking it. (-:

I’ve just clicked the link, hopefully I’ll get to see the page before I die…

Waiting, Waiting, Waiting…

OOPS! You just lost a visitor… (but hey, the preloader is slick)

we had until 5mb of disk space … so we were not caring about the size you see…

I really liked it.

Fluid_one, you picked the only part of his site that wasn’t original. I think thats a bit harsh. Did you notice the rest of it? As pointed out the part he reused are free flash bits, so whats the harm in using them? Are we to stop using the standard flash preloader now cause its been done before?

As for the rest … How the hell do i find a french girl willing to talk sexy to me like the one on your site? So many dance chart beats have that kind of thing, and i love it!!!

lol she’s a friend of mine:)

it’s huge. the loading is waaaaay too long. a 2mb and then a 1.5mb download? Admittedly, I did really like the introduction. I have to say though, after seeing the intro I was expecting something more from the main site. It’s a bit empty imo… and does it really stick with the style of the intro? I don’t think so personally.

having said that, you did make it in 24 hours, so good job!