Freshly uplaoded

I just uploaded the first of many sections, so far I have worked on the music section which isnt yet complete. The main template is done, and there will be 2 more flash sections, banner and nav bar. Just check it out now I will post finished product in a few days :smiley:

Ok, the nav sections is now almost complete a few code problems should be fixed by tomorrow.

not bad… but i notice 1 problem. The nav bar, when u click on roster, look at the guys head… notice how it cuts his head off? not good, other than that, i cant really critique without content, but it looks like your headed in the right direction

I kno that, its kinda a pain. The menu system has a cover below it, I might just change the overall look of the roster and shrink it so it wont be noticable. Oh well, just started this site 2 days ago.

WOw nice site dude- It really has a ‘ice’ look.

a good mix of photoshop and flash and probally some other code’s. Nice one with the music good choise.
exspect for nr. 3

#3 is just the instrumental to a song from Matrix Reloaded.