From the Beginning - idea critique

This is just the first stage of a design for a new client. Let me know any ideas that you have for where I am going. First thing I want to know is what you think of the colors. I’m totally open to suggestion, this isn’t some finished design that I’ll get upset about if you tear it apart. Just let me know what you think about where this is going.

BTW, I havent even recieved the logo for the business yet.

Hmmm, well that Blue doesn’t go with the menu/banner and the Button boxes are too big for the small font, maybe shrink them down a bit. Good start though.

yeah, i agree with wizard…and the grunge font doesnt go with the rest [clean and neat] stuff.

Hmm… The grunge font may change once I know what their logo looks like. I’ll keep it for now. Buttons are smaller now(better) - and bgcolor has changed… but I still don’t know what to do for these colors.

much better!

what kind of company is this?

It’s a business that sells music supplies like guitars, amps, cables, accessories, lots of stuff, they of course may deepsix this entire idea, but I had the grunge themed header lying around unused so i figure… eh, why not.

Nothing bad at all about what you’ve got. Looking good, but i’d like to see more exciting rollovers really… but thats probably on ure to do list anyway.

i’d like to see something with power (ie not tan/brown/grey).

nothing about the top is grunge except the font. i’d go into the shop (if they have a real shop) and meet some of the people. if you’re talking a place that has guys covered in tattoos wearing black that’s a lot different than guys wearing polos and khakis. i’d really try to fit in with what they already have going as a business.

Thanks for the comments! I’ll be working on this for a few weeks, I wont be able to really get into the nitty gritty until I go back to school and can actually see their store. I’m working remote from our guy who is getting the clients.

I think I might be a little unclear on what the definition of ‘grunge’ is, obviously that font is, but what else goes into a design to really make it “grunge”?

a scratched up bg…some nice grunge brush effects on it…uhh…the buttons could use better colors [for grungey effect]

Alright, I’ve incorporated some of your suggestions. This is still mainly a brainstorming project. Opinions on A. The rollOver animated polygons, and B. the animated content pane. Let me know. -

looks good…but make the animated pane faster…i like fast:run: :bounce:

yeah, i’d make it a little faster. and i’m not so sure about the color of the polygon arrow for the menu. but the shape itself is ok. maybe speed that up too.

Now the banner color doesn’t go with the rest of the page.

I like the pastel shades but the colours are just a little too different. There doesn’t seem to be a colour theme.

Your wish is my command. Thanks for all the great feedback. Animation of box is faster. Colors are… different. I don’t know, maybe the burgundy is too dark, but it looks a little better.

Make the rollOver arrows the same color as the background.