Further proof that Will Ferrell is hi-larious

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Afternoon delight


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Anchorman was horrible… Just horrible

will ferrel is funny, but only to a point. after a while he is just another bum who acts a fool to get a laugh.

HAHA I loved anchorman you’re nuts, but I still love you.

exactly, dear kirupa.

I wish I had a few good friends I could break out in song with.

haha that was such a great part! I’ll break out in song with you anytime, buddy!

i h8 that actor…i used to like him, but hes just EVERYWHERE! hes making soo much movies, that hes annoyed me. i cant stand to look at his face anymore!!

^^^ :crazy:

I liked anchorman a lot. I think you have to be in the mood for it. Though it wasn’t Will’s character that made it for me, it was more Steve Correll’s (sp?) That made it for me. And the part when jack black punted the dog. Oh man lol!!

Will Farrel isn’t really funny at all in my opinion. He uses his body for cheap laughs and does semi-outrageous stunts that are mildly amusing. He’s not witty, he can’t think of a great line off the top of his head, he just screams a lot and acts like an idiot. I’m not really too impressed with the guy. Eh.

wwhoa whoa whoooooooooooooa. what’s up with all the hating on my man mr. ferrell? I love anchorman and I’ve been a fan of will since SNL episode 1. i can’t help but laugh at the way the guy walks. hes that funny.

Will Ferrell’s walk is nothing compared to John Cleese’s. :stuck_out_tongue: How I loved that skit.