Anchor Man - The Legend of Ron Burgundy

This movie was flat out hularious.

There was a time in the movie where I thought I was going to throw-up because I was laughing so hard. This is a great comedy with a ton of talent that lives up to the billing.

I would suggest going to see this ASAP if you are in ANY WAY a fan of comedy movies. This is one of the few that doesn’t show all the funny parts in the trailer.


Thanks ss, I’m gonna see it in FL.

i’ve heard from a bunch of people that its funny so i’m probably going to go see it.

i wanna see it… maybe tomorrow… my friend told me today she has seen it TWICE already and it came out yesterday, must be pretty good.

I honestly want to go and see it again tonight but I think we are going to see spiderman 2 instead. I am the only one that has seen it so I guess I loose :frowning:

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i just got back from seeing it. it was UNBELIEVABLE.

what makes this movie so great is that well over 2/3rds of it is improve - made up as they went. that’s why almost half of the clips you see in trailor/previews aren’t even in the movie.

i read that they had to cut over 3 hours of the movie just because it’s all improve. can you wait for the DVD? i can’t.

“I drank a lava lamp”

“It wasn’t lava”


I think this DVD is going to have the best ever “deleted scenes” section ever!

“I thought you said this was a shortcut…”


I almost piss my pants whenever I hear that in my head :slight_smile:

No one else saw this movie this weekend!?

I reeeeally want to… if that counts :wink:

I saw it a few days ago…

I want to see it bad! I’ll probably see it this week or next (on vacation - yay!)

But from the reviews Ive heard, it seems like your typical comedy - fluffy stroy with a lot of one liners and things which only people who like these kinds of movies would really like. … Im one of those people so it sounds a-ok!

hhahaha - you will like it Sen for sure.

There are some AMAZING one liners. The while movie just seems like a very cheesy 70’s show and it’s awesome!

its more than that. appreciate the greatness that is will ferrell doing improve for a whole movie… :slight_smile:

maybe wed! yay!

[font=Arial][font=Verdana]“I am going to shoot you with a bee bee gun in the back of the head”

This movie was soo funny. Did you also notice that he is always wearing burgundy in most of the scenes.

I also loved it when jack black drop kicked Ron’s dog off the bridge.[/font] [/font]

This movie was a load of total crap. Like seriously I only laughed a couple times, especially when jack kicked the dog, I was the only person laughing at that part, looked like an idiot! But otherwise, they really brought that Brick’s guys jokes way too far. It just got really stupid, so all in all, the movie was a totaly waste of money.


it’s so funny how so many people can have such different opinions. I mean for grinch to find it so hideous and me and a few others to find it so funny is a great example. I am sorry you didn’t like the movie grinch - you must have a very different sence of humour than me. I have to be honest though, I find A LOT of movies funny, even ones most people dont like. (ex. Zoolander)

Oh well, to each his/her own I guess.

p.s. The theatre I was at were rolling out of their seats with the dog punt incident. I think your area is either full of peta members, or they just don’t like a good dog punt. :wink:

didnt you like dodgeball grinch?

Well you see,
the really odd thing is, is that I loved dodgeball, and I loved Zoolander. Aw I can remember the days of me reapeting those hilarious lines, " I was the fat kid in 7th grade… Ew"
But I guess this movie was different from many. I usually like these ridiculous funny movies with Will, or Ben. But this one just wasn’t that funny. I mean ofcourse I can’t say there weren’t any funny parts, but most of them were just lame. But hey, a great one was when he was talking to his dog, and yells, I don’t speak spanish!

Somethings I didn’t like were when the dog was talking, and they put these semi-intelligent phrases by him, and these grizzly bears. The fight between the news crew’s was pretty funny, but until they brought in like “30” different crews. It got old.

//ROFL - I think your right, many of the members in the theater just were to mature? I mean heck, i laughed a lot, really I was the only person laughing so hard! I guess it depends on your setting, ex. was when I went to see Shrek2, we had the WHOLE theater laughing so hard, which made the enviorment 3 times as funny.