Gaming-Day T-Shirt

I doubt anybody will be interested in doing this.

We’ve got our biannual gaming day coming up (Dec. 15th), and we are gonna try and have some t-shirts available to buy, and be won by the winners.

So, we really know nothing about T-Shirts. Our club shirts were made in Powerpoint. Seriously, Chad actually sent the printer a PPT file.

About the tournament:

[list][]Counter-stike is biggest
]Also has Halo 2, DDR, and SSBM
[]Prizes will be given
]We’d like to put a few sponsor’s logos on it (likely, HEB and Walmart… maybe a few others like AMD)
[*]This will be “Winter '06”[/list]

In return, you’ll get:

[list][]Your name/company with site domain on the shirt, and on our site
]Perhaps ~$20, if we really like it, and I can get it from Chad… :stuck_out_tongue:
[]My undying gratitude.
]As with my logo, free assistance and crap with PHP, Python, Django, WordPress, CSS, or anything else I know… :smiley:

So, if anybody’s bored… heh. Not a big deal, but I figured somebody’s five-second free design is probably superior to Chad’s PPT. :slight_smile: