Giving it a try

thanks!!!:beam: Dallas is cool though…just a small slice a’heaven I call home:cowboy: …kinda:beam:

just curious, no ill will intended, but compared to? :stuck_out_tongue:

sorry, not fond of Redneck attitude… I grew up with that :evil: …


REDNECK I am NOT!!!:scream:

I used to live in St.louis before I came down here and went to The Art Institute of Dallas. Graduated in 2001 with degree in multimedia/Web Development. Not to fond of redneck shyte myself! Hate country music…respect it…but don’t like it…Also lived in Houston, Minnissota, Illinois…One extreme to another I guess…and you? :q:

I grew up in S. Ore. around a bunch of people from OK, & AK in the 70’s…

I now live in SF, CA where everyone is tolerated… mostly… :-\

We try… :slight_smile:


Frisco eah…very cool. Two of my close friends, brothers actually, live there. One was my teacher at AID, who worked on jimmyNuetron, the other my former boss; a genious…he has come up with a site that is totally dataBase driven, customizable, and meant for the ‘ordinary non designer’ to create a site with unlimited pages. Next step is incorporating flash…totally custamizable…that’s my end…flash aspect isn’t there yet, but it will, soon…check it out when you get a sec:

Although there will always be a need for us designers, I think this could change things…alittle…


Yeah, my brother and I do something similar, but on a much smaller scale…

I’m the Flash guy, he’s the engineer… now I have to be a code guy and the designer (MX)…:frowning:

I’m just being whiney, 'cause I just started to try and write my own, and it didn’t work… not yet…


don’t worry…it will…:smirk: …I’m not a coder either, but Im finding out more and more the uses for it. Just another mountain I gotta climb…but I will…:smirk:

Let me know what you think of that site when you get a chance to really take a look at it…it’s not mine, but I would love to know your thoughts on it:cool: (-: :nerd:

thinkin bout gettin sift3D V3…and the optimaze…want to tackle that monster as well:rambo:

The guys from eRain came to SF to a user’s forum a couple years ago… long story short… I’ve used V1, and V2, but I doubt I’ll buy V3 real soon after it’s released… just not a priority.

Then again, if a client needs something done that requires V3, then I guess I’ll buy V3.

Yeah, I know about the code, I just got thru chapt.1 and I just tried to write something quick, and it just didn’t work… I set too high of standards for myself… :-\ have to talk to the therapist about that one :stuck_out_tongue:


Shyte…standards are meant to be set high…few reached…keeps you better than the rest…higher expectations of yourself result in better performance and greater quality, even if that ‘standard’ you originally set for yourself is never met…:asian: …know what Im sayin:beam:

Yeah, I know, I just hate the beginning of the learning curve…

impatience is not a virtue… =)