Giving it a try

Any comments would be great!!!1

You should have linked right to you flash site I almost didn’t find it. You should at elast lable the navigation on your main page. I would also mabye lable your back button. It was a little hard to find. Nice site and nice Idea but it needs a little work yet

I do agree with labeling the nav. I was thinking that I should use the blank space inbetween the hands to point everything out. I was thinking the use of the blue for navigation indicators on the index page would relate to the blue thumb on the ‘recentCreations’ page. Maybe I need to define it abit more. Thanks for the Critique!!!

No problem. It is a very good start. I would mabye add a little more color to the other pages as well. Mabye a boarder of the same color as your nav menu at the start.:slight_smile:

thanks man…will keep that in mind. Got some projects to complete first, not to mention sending out resumes to find a job! As soon as I get a chance, I plan to redesign again.

I’m in the same boat. I need to re-design my content sections but have to much other crap in the way.

I know!!!took a look at your site. Very nice work! clean. Fonts are original (Nav I mean) but I like it. Cold up there in Canada?

Like your transitions as well! clean

Yes it is cold, smart ass:P It just started to snow so it will be getting very cold very soon. Thanks for the comments. I can’t remember where I found that font. I think it was fontalisous ore something. I think I might redesign the nave buttons a s well. :slight_smile:

HAHAHAHA That I am! sorry, cold down here in tejas too. sure not like up there, but cold the same! I think it would be a good idea to redesign your nav. I like the font, but it is alittle hard to read. Especially on your index page. Like it, but legibility seems to suffer a bit. Know what iM sayin. Even if you were to fill the insides of the font with a light black or grey. Give it some contrast. That might solve the prob.

Ya that spalsh page I made in like 5 min. I needed something quick so i threw that up there and haven’t had time to change it. The nav buttons I really want to change. For some reason when it comes to butoons my skills fail me. I just can’t design a button I like. I’ll think of something but waht:-\

orginality is a ***** sometimes:pirate: I know. trust me. there was a time I thought I lost my creativity. soundz ****ed up, but if you go to my ‘dedication’ site, enter it and click on ‘accident’, that will better describe to you what I mean!!!

That sucks man. I would’ve hated to lose that much time becasue someone was driving when they shouldn’t have.

The pictures of the tattooed person is that u?+

yep…is all me…all true as well. and yes it did suck…to put it kindly…:beam:

car was mine too…at least what was left of it!!

Whats the tattoo mean?

it’s what I would describe as a ‘life marker’…I originally saw it in a vision when I was 19, in the trees one late nate. I get those sometimes. hard to explain, but my heart starts beetin real fast, breeth fast, cretain things come into focus that was orginally not noticed. Sounds crazy, but its true. I close my eyes and I see things bright as day…:cyclops: I knew from the moment I saw it in those trees it was for some reason important, and it needed to be on my back. The artist who put it there was not the best, and I know that it is only the beginning of markers…the true meaning…only god knows…He kept me here for a reason, He allowed me to see what I saw…you know that gut feelin you get sometimes…listen to it…there is a reason for everything that happens in life; good or bad…sorry, not tryin to preach…promise Im not crazy though…:smirk:

too bad you’re not crazy… :*(

and I was just beginning to take a shine to ya… =)


hahahaha well everyone is in their own way:crazy: (-: :beam:

Hey anyone who can survive the people of Dallas is okay by me!

:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: