Glow effect


I was wondering if any of you know how do make this glow effect:


try browsing the navigation, and you’ll see a cool glowing/fade effect! …I’m not quite sure how to make this, any ideas…? or tuts!? :slight_smile:

when i do that i make my button have a on roll over effect where the word that glows is a motion tween from white to green, and i put a stop on the last frame. There may be easier ways or someone could correct me.

There’s a tutorial on this site.

just use tint and not alpha on that tutorial.

hehe… it’s not the button effect I’m after, it’s the glowing on the images when browsing the navigation!

[SIZE=1]i’m a bit lost on what it is you are looking for from this…

are you talking about the color change of the button’s
mouseover? I don’t see anything else there that moves or glows,
unless you are referring to something inside the main movie. :q:



Put your image in frame one. THen right click on frame 20 and select “Insert Keyframe” (or whatever). Create a motion tween between the 2 keyframes.

On either of the keyframe select the object. Open the properties window (CTRL+F3), then in the drop down menu select “Advanced”. Edit as needed, test the effect :slight_smile:

That is… if I got the right effect you were talking about.

cool - thats the one, THX guys & beta boy! =)

No problem :slight_smile:

Correct, it is just a simple effect of overexposing all the colour values to white. Makes for more interesting transitions as opposed to the usual white fade.

Especially with any image which has some light areas, as these over-expose first.

Woo hoo I got it right =)

Very nice job on the site InteractMedia! I am glad you made SOTW when you went up for it.

um…what’s the diff between using the Advanced option and the Brightness option in this case:q:

Ok i’m curious as to how the other part was done. Where the shape comes in and then changes … anyone care to inform me about it ? or a tutorial of some sort

Shape tweens.

Draw your shape on frame one, insert keyframe on frame 20 (or whatver). Right click in the grey area and choose motion tween. Open the properties window and choose shape tween from the drop down menu other than Motion tween. Your line will turn green with an arrow. Edit the shape in the last frame to be a bit different and then test your movie.

:*( no one answer me question yet…

i noticed, though, that when i edit the brightness the advanced option changes too…

can u have more than one effect?

The brightness is slightly different in the fact that it essentially just brightens every pixel in the screen (like a photoshop brightness effect) till it reaches white. So it just looks like a plain white fade.

You’ll notice that if you do any effect, and then change to Advanced option that the values will be altered. This is pretty much because any of the effects can be acheived via the Advanced tab. So when you go to it, it shows the values required to make the effect you selected previously.

Any yeah shape tweens can produce pretty funky effects, however they can be a nightmare to figure out… you’ll probably notice that when you tween from one shape to the other it morphs in a way that you dont want.

To fix this you need to use ‘Shape Hints’. In flash 5 you simply click on the first keyframe, and select Modify -> Transform -> Add Shape Hint (Ctrl+Shift+H). It will add a little circle in the middle of your shape. Move it to one of the corners of your shape. Then go to the next keyframe and it will show the shape hints first position, so move the shape hint to match the corner it corresponds to.

However, even then sometimes it still won’t work (with complex tweens) to you just need to play around with removing certain Shape Hints until it does work. Can often be alot of stuffing around but when it works, it is great :slight_smile:

If you can’t figure it out, drop a message here and I’ll try and explain it better :stuck_out_tongue:

Excuse my poor explainations… it too early in the morning :smirk: