Gor bored

painter and photoshop :slight_smile:

Very nice as usual edwin :slight_smile:

gosh!! you experts!! what do i need to learn to be able to graphic design like you guys!?!? help!~:P

I need to get me that painter program :stuck_out_tongue:

If it is as expensive as Photoshop I don’t think I will be getting it anytime soon though. Too many other things I am saving up for.

And Edwin is the only expert here :slight_smile:

beta! i learned pretty much everything relate to Flash from you! :slight_smile:

Beta for US Prez!!

what painter program?

Edwin used Painter and Photoshop to make that image.

I think the latest one is Painter 7.

I am sure you learned from other people too calaway:)

i found painter 5… sounds alrite?

You can find Painter 7 there. They have a trial… I might just download that :slight_smile:

Anywho… I think painter is good for textures and things or something. David told me the difference before but I can’t remember what exactly he said now.

about painter.

  1. version 5 sux.

  2. ive never used 7. but i think its pretty good.

i use 6.

I am seriously considering downloading 7 just to try out the program :slight_smile:

Thanks for the version info edwin, I might just search around for version 6 and see if I can get it cheaper than version 7 ( US$479.00 ).

What makes Painter different from Photoshop?

I’ve never tried/seen Painter before…

Any odds’n ends in Painter that Photoshop doesn’t have?

Get the educational version! Much cheaper and is fully functional!

photoshop is more editing oriented while painter is more create oriented. Painter is designed to be used with a wacom tablet, so if you dont have one its pretty lame. Painter 5 sucks because the layers were retarded, Painter 6’s layers are much more like photoshop.

Ah, so painter is really the best if you have a tablet, but if you don’t have one, then you shouldn’t bother???

correct…and holy crap u have a lot of posts!

I don’t have THAT many posts :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh shut up, you have a beep load of posts. :crazy:

Censoring yourself now dan?

Hellz yea, I hate those **** start things, beeps work well!