I’ve got a timeline (the attachment) that stops at frame1. Then If you click on the portfolio button it goes to frame label “frame_portfolio”. The portfolio then opens in a movieclip where you can browse thumbnails.

Now to my question.

If you click on a thumbnail I want the _root to go to frame label “show_room” (show_room opens in a movieclip) and then go to the frame where the large image of the thumbnail is located.

I’ve managed to get the first image in the “show_room” to work with:

[COLOR=royalblue]on (release) {
tellTarget ("_root") {
The first image in the show_room is the first thumbnail.

But how do I tell my flash that: If I click on thumbnail 13 - the show_room goes to Frame label “ill_13”.

Thank you!
Hope you all know what I’m trying to do here :stuck_out_tongue: