Does anyone know why when I import graphics or photos from photoshop 5.0 unto flash, the graphics look very pixely whenever I publish it as an .exe file, does anyone know whats wrong???

I am having trouble setting an action for a button, I am trying to assign a button to scroll a picture down from the top of the screen. I am trying to make a photo album and I’m trying to asssign a button so when you click it it scrolls a picture from the top of the screen and if you click it again it just scrolls to the next picture. can someone help me???


It could be that the images are exported in a very small size, compared to the standard 800x600 standard minimum screen resolution.

Make sure they are also prepared for the web. And that the settings in flash have the highest value for jpg’s

The problem could be either at Photoshop’s end, or at the final Flash export end.

Graphics are really funny to work with. Your best bet is to import into photoshop, really huge files. 12 megs is not unheard of, though typicaly my origonals run around 200-500k. Bring them into flash at that size (well at around the 500k-1meg range, you really don’t want them any bigger than that.). Flash has it’s own compression protocols which you can use during publish to degrade the jpgs to a level of your choosing.

Well… I’m not too sure about Flash’s compression protocol… Photoshop’s Image Ready allows for much more control on export. Actually, importing into Photoshop a larger file offers mostly the advantage of reducing it to the sizes needed, without loss of quality, but trully big sized files (and believe me, they can get to over 100 MB) are mostly for pre-press design where pixelations comes from the poscript printing, not really needed for the digital world.

All you need is a descent 1024x768 file most of the time… with at most 150 d.p.i.

You have to remember that a good webpage (meaning a quick to open one… the average user expects results in less than five seconds) is no bigger than 60KB, and a good flash page is under 150kb… or at least divided into several small linked movies.

So, when ever posible, resort to vector format. Use software like Freehand, Corel DRAW, or Adobe Illustrator.

Or even 3D packages, later exporting by swift3D or any other options that are out there, to turn your 3D graphics into *.swf

Remember, size DOES matter! hehehehe

Aside of course from good looks that is.

Well, I believe he meant something else, which in my experience has given good results:
In Photoshop, make your bitmap about twice the size you’ll be needing it in Flash, but at lower quality/ good compression.
Import in Flash, resize, and it will look Ok AND be small…not a very good explanation I believe…

actually, when flash exports its thang to swf or if your case exe, the default compression for i think all images is something like 50. which is half the quality you want. to change this, go to export…then SWF, then about halfway down the dialog box, you’ll see JPEG (1-100). the number i think should be 50. go ahead and change this to 100.

alternatively, find your image in the library, right-click to Properties and play around with those settings a bit.

yup eyez that’s what I was talking about… good advice all around… :slight_smile: