Photoshop and Flash

Hi. I was wondering if anyone knows how to import images made in photoshop, to flash and keep the filesize small, without getting a really ugly pic. I’ve tried once to import a single picture and the size of my movie increased way too much!
I’ve found a site with a very cool interface, all made in photoshop.
It loads pretty fast. I’m assuming its made with flash, but I have no idear how to import that kind of graphix and still have a decent size of your movie…
tjeck out
pretty cool I think!

a lot of this is trial and error. The compression that Flash does is good, but not great. I almost invariably “save for web” from Photoshop, to create either jpg’s or png’s of my images. Those I import into Flash. Start with the highest quality settings first working your way down to smaller and smaller file sizes until you have a good balance of file size and quality.

[SIZE=1]there 2 specific places in flash to lower resolution, yet
maintain image quality.

The first place is the most obvious…the Publish Settings. You can
specify the % of quality and compression you wish Flash to export
the images themselves within the movie.

The 2nd, and not all that obvious to some people, is in the
Properties dialogue of the image from the Library. Import your
image directly to the Library, and then right click on the bitmap
image to bring up the Properties menu.

Personally, I always use Save As… in photoshop, choose .jpg
and always at 12 quality. I’d rather start with the utmost in
image quality in Flash and go from there.

This is where you can do what david suggests, and that is to start
with the highest quality and work your way down to where it is

In that panel, you can keep the original file’s settings, for adjust
them manually. I ALWAYS adjust them manually, because you
will undoubtedly end up with screwy images like you’ve seen.

There are quite a few options there, so play around with it to get
the best result for what you are looking for.


Well put, I tend to save at full quality in Photoshop also. That way you always have full quality and you can work that down in Flash to the desired point.

Yap, my way too…