Importing... file size

I was wondering how it is that you can import an adobe photoshop image, or a paintshop pro image into a Flash file and keep the file size low. Do you just save your photoshop image as low quality or compress it a certain way or what?

Usually I convert images into a .jpg before I import them. You could also reduce the file size by converting the image into one with fewer colors, fewer dpi, etc. Depends on how much image quality you are willing to sacrifice.


take a pdf [transparent] ‘save for web’ as a png 32 [if gradient transparencies] dont worry bout compression… open up in fireworks… ‘export preview’… and tweak that way usually as a png again or gif sometimes… tweak with the ability to view results right away until you find a happy medium [also reduce SIZE of the piece]

if not transparent… use jpg’s and tweak the hell out of them. i can usually keep png’s down to 10k or under and jpg’s down to like 30 [for large ones] and 10 k for smaller ones.