Ground Control II - OMG!

Hey guys,
this game was presented to me by sushisource, and my god this game is insane… You do not realize how amazing this game is. OMG I can not explain it, just try the demo.

Heres an awsome screenshot!

I was in beta testing GC2 for a couple months ago. Great stuff. The single and multiplayer aspects are great.

yes, this game is indeed insane. I’m currently playing through the Single Player campaign waiting for my buddy to get his copy so we can try the multiplayer.

The concept is really nice. And also, what’s even nicer, is that the screenshot above is when you have the map zoomed in all the way. The details are just superb.

Haha yeah,
but you know whats funny, I usually play really really low, becuase it’s just so awsome looking, and mind my saying, the music for this game is the best i have seen.

I for one…agree

ill check that game out. it seems kind of like WC is it anything like it??

not really, it’s way better. Download the demo, we can play online.

Circa, the controls are pretty much the same as WC and the menus and the basics, but it’s not just building units to go destroy your enemies town. A whole new game play, but I haven’t played much, ask grinch he should know more…:pir:

Tuna, want a footer? I’ll make you one?

Thorpies! Do you have full game? we need to huck up! I bought the full version

my tag is Sushisource

sounds good. we should definitely try it out one day.

fun! You got same thorpies as your tag in GC2 too? add me to freinds so we can see each other online.

And while ur at at, chek out the GCII clan i made in Computers&games

Come on thor, we all can play!

yesss…yesss… joy of GCII

ill download it. does the demo expire or is it just part of the game?

It’s like a couple missions, 1 I think and then massive online play.
Have you guys heard the song for that game?! I have never heard any song as awsome as taht!

YOu mean that cool goth music at the menus?

oo so the demo for online is just like the acctual game online?

yes, but limited like levels and stuff

oo ok got it. lol