Ground Control II Clan

I know there are like a million kirupa clans already… sigh But GCII is frikin awesome, so it deserves it’s own.

What we will do!

-Maybe, MAYBE make a website, MAYBE.

Make cool maps for GCII with XED, the really really cool map editor

Talk about strategies!

Do other cool things… and stuff… like… that.
________________RESOURCES __________________ - The offical site, get demo here - Get the first Ground Control Here, free

Ok! Lets rock!

Count me in Sushi!!! GC rocks!

Your new sig!

Ground Control 2 Clan : G’hall Vicath

Edit: Preferably size 1, and bold

Ok, so now you just need to buy the full game lol!

Then the fun will commence, we need Thorpies to join.

Oh hey grinch… the link got messed up in our footers… it should be this:

AAAAANND! I made 2 maps for GCII ready to be downloaded after a few fixer-upers. So… grinch just needs to get the full game

Havent played much of GC2, but im downloading the demo right now. Check out this sick pic of the game.

Havent played much of GC2, but I’m downloading it now. Check out this sick pic i found of the game online…

I haven’t played much of GC2, but I’m downloading it right now. I found this sick pic on the internet…Ground Control Pics.

just buy the full game lol, it’s worth it.

Yeah Tuna was over my house when I was playing. He liked it

Dude you guys are lucky you live close to each other and stuff. I dont got no kirupians near me

Tuna - You wanna join?

Yeah sure! Games wicked cool, but me n grinch need to go and buy it. Also i still need to get better!


[.URL=][.B]Ground Control 2 Clan [./URL][./COLOR]: Major Grant[./B][./size][./font]

of course you need to remove alll dots

There we gooooo!:slight_smile:

Im going to buy it sometime soon as well and I live near grinch/Tuna Count me in. Also I love making maps. Ive been addicted to the warcraft world editor so I cant wait to try out this one

I for one say welcome aboard gh0st, just wait for sushi’s ok on it.

Ok! Welcome Ghost! your sig is:

[.URL=][.B]Ground Control 2 Clan [./URL][./COLOR]: Seargant Rho[./B][./size][./font]

Welcome gh0st now come bask in GC ever loving light.

Thanks a lot Sushi :smiley: Now to get the game… :puzzled:

Hah! Snap into place SOLDIER! That sad face should be brimming with EXITEMENT!