GTA : VC - Cheats

Does anyone know any good cheats for the PS2 version of GTA VC?

I am stuck on a particularly hard mission and cannot seem to complete it.

(Destroy every window in a mall in under 5 minutes - including travel time to get there on the other side of the **** city"

I am not a big fan of cheats, in fact I believe they spoil the game. In that regard, so does failing a mission for four hours straight :evil:

Plus GTA cheats are always good when you just want to cause destruction.

i didnt play that game, and am not planning to play it, i am busy doing some works. GTA VC had been released b4 (i think) 1 week, so i dun think they founded out any cheats for it right now, instead, try searching google, ull get some promising results!


that mission is completely possible to do in the time limit. I finished it my second try. I didn’t complete it the first time because I didn’t realize there was a time limit and I took my sweet time getting to the mall. Just drive as fast as you can and use the UZI or Tech-9 (automatics) to blow out the windows, and run to every window. You shouldn’t have any trouble doing it…speed is the key…

here is a list of cheats, dn’t know if they are legit or not, couldn’t try them cuz I’m at school, and I don’t have my PS2 on me.

that mission only took me three times to complete :slight_smile:

the problem i had was the police in the mall. what you do to get rid of them is go into the “Gash” and get some new clothes. Also, RUN. use the Uzi to take out the windows. if the police still get on your nerves, take them out.

Use a bike. you can drive it into the mall and you won’t get tired. Makes a gettting a way fro mthe cops easier. Be carful not to get buster on it though.

man i want this game, anybody know if it has a PC release?

am not so keen on games g:cool:

yeah? why is that? anyway, i am not to keen on cheating, that pisses me off…

The PC release wont be for around 6 months to a year. Probably when the next GTA is close to release. By a PS2 it is the only way to go:)

I second that! =)


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A friend is supposed to call me to come play VC today… =)

He has this bit honkin’ digital TV… =)

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umm, i really want to try this game!

Me 2! :stuck_out_tongue: