GTA glitches... SO MANY! Pitiful! -Post yours!

Hey guys,
As like any other person, I’ve been playing GTA a lot, and theres so many glitches with this game. I’m gonna keep posting new pictures of ones that I find!

This one is cool, lightless taxi!

Share some glitches you have encountered!

I can’t play GTA3 on my computer, it apparently doesnt support dual monitors. It used to work (1 monitor) and now I spin in circles even if im not touching anything, it makes me dizzy.

haha, nice glitches! I like the taxi “inside” the street

Lol thanks,
these are some pretty messed up ones!

I dont understand the glitch in the lightless taxi, I cant find it :stuck_out_tongue:

whenever you get into a car, the lights turn on correct?

Well if you look here, the lights are off, and I’m in the car. This is the first time I have ever encountered it!

but the day its clear, the lights are not supossed to light only in the night?

haha, the cars floating are hilarious! :smiley:

No, the lights always come on. Trust me, I just did it, to make sure, and the lights come on whenever a car is started! :stuck_out_tongue:

I played it like 5 month ago, I didnt remember, I suck at finding glitches, everything looks good to me :stuck_out_tongue: but the gameboy GTA had a LOT! all the game was like a big glitch

Lol funny thing is though,
I just randomly walk up to these and bam! There they are!

Download the game update :angel:

I would, but this is all on xbox :stuck_out_tongue:

:lol: thats one fusked up game!

Lol, you got that right

I thought that was the PC version :puzzled: I played the xbox one but never find glitches like that, grinch I think u buy refurbished games :stuck_out_tongue:

That would be a really weird looking scratch on the disk…

actually becuase I’m so cheap, I always buy the bargain price! Preowned games are amazing! I got a 50 dollar game which was that price 2 months ago, for 5 bucks!

I never had any problems or glitches that I could see on the PC version. I never even patched it either.

The only PC version glitch here is the one with the PCJ in the wall.

Well, in PC, if you shoot down a police helicopter, it tends to disappear into buildings then explode inside.