Haemolith // bloodyspike

Ok, somebody posted this pic in a battle I belive, but I don’t know who. I was just wondering how to make something like this; I know some specific MAX plugin was used, but I don’t know what. Anybody have any idea?

I believe that was alethos or maybe I’m wrong, you should PM him and ask.

You shouldn’t need any plugins to make this. It looks like he’s used a video post focus effect to set the backround blurry. If you have a renderer plugin you can use the Bokeh effect to do the same thing, only better. The blood drop might be modelled, or perhaps done using meta-nurbs… they look pretty smooth and meta-nurbs suck at smoothing like that, so I think it was modelled.

I was just thinking a plugin was used for the blood because something was mentioned in the thread a LONG LONG time ago about some new plugin he got from dan.

you can check out a pretty wide range of free ones at www.maxplugins.de - they might have something in there to do it.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Thx for the PM, morse. I haven’t been frequenting the forums as much as I should. :slight_smile:

Anyway, I didn’t use MAX, I used Maya. The depth of field is done by rendering the image in layers, then blurring layers separately in Photoshop. The blood is hand drawn in Photoshop, too. Hope that helps.


hehe, alethos doesn’t like DOF effects in 3d apps :stuck_out_tongue:

DOF in max does some weeeeird stuff sometimes… :-\

Still haven’t figured it out completely, focal points aren’t hard, but if I want a REALLY close-up image, I need small falloff disnatces, and black sh*t starts appearing in weird places…

if u have like brazil…for max…or render man for maya (not sure about maya) but you use their dof camera i dont use max’s much anymore

3d why not? you used to use it a whole lot

because you do have to tweak the camera because you will get these weird anomolies…But since I was turned on to the world of brazil it changes how I do ground planes, dof, caustics, glass…brazil kicks mucho buttocks

i have it, jjust have to instlall it, and learn 3d

Brazil’s DOF is much better than the standard max focus effect, but it takes a hellova long time to render… well on my weak pc anyway. - Hand drawn eh? Nice job!