Half Life (the old one)

So, after several years of never having played this game, I gave it a run a few days ago. This game rocks - even now! I got this game last summer only to play CS, but I finally gave the single player version a shot yesterday.

I wouldn’t have installed it if Voets didn’t mention how HL was a great game a while ago on AIM. I also have Deus EX laying around with only the training mission completed. I hear that is great also.

[ot]I usually play games a few years after they have become popular. It’s some sort of a weird habit when it comes to playing games that I don’t really have any driving interest to play. I bought SC only two years ago hehe.[/ot]


Hehe Half-life indeed rules

I’ve got this video with a speed run of half-life, this dude finished the whole game in only 45 minutes!

You should check it out, it’s really funny! (some think it’s a rape of half-life though )

Greetz, ScHAmPi.

That video was amazing. It’s really cool how he was able to pretty much skip an entire stage by using trip mines as a ladder :slight_smile:

Kirupa, you should get Opposing Forces (The Half Life Sequal) and play it also.