Half Life (the old one)

So, after several years of never having played this game, I gave it a run a few days ago. This game rocks - even now! I got this game last summer only to play CS, but I finally gave the single player version a shot yesterday.

I wouldn’t have installed it if Voets didn’t mention how HL was a great game a while ago on AIM. I also have Deus EX laying around with only the training mission completed. I hear that is great also.

[ot]I usually play games a few years after they have become popular. It’s some sort of a weird habit when it comes to playing games that I don’t really have any driving interest to play. I bought SC only two years ago hehe.[/ot]


[ot]I hear SC is getting a new patch. :nerd: [/ot]

You should play deus ex too, great great game! I love the music of that game :slight_smile:

my problem is that i keep playing games in a cycle
like ill play them for 3-6 months straight then stop for like the same amount of time…

my skills have decreased in a few games because of this

I hear ya pr. Back when I was in HS, I used to play games all the time. I don’t have time to do that anymore. Good thing for summer breaks. After that I need to find myself a job similar to what most of you have here where I can surf the forums from work also :stuck_out_tongue:

I work full time (design/IT), go to ASU as a full time student (15 cr/sem), cruise forums, design in my spare time, and STILL have time to get a good hour or so a day into gaming.

funny thing is, is that I’m in HS, and all I do is play video games :wink:

Deus ex is awesome… I love it how a mission failure doesn’t end the game… life goes on :wink: but deus ex 2 had an fps of 4 on this pc (gettin’ a new one in a few days… hopefully) and didn’t look that good… gonna try again whe ni get my pc…

it takes a good job position to be able to surf the forums and not worry tho k-man lol -

man i love dues ex !!! its the best the story line, the choices thhat you make in the game !!! man it got everything !!


I play too much battlefield '42. I gotta get a job. :beam:

That’s what I did also in most of my computer classes :slight_smile: Nothing like UT on the network.

Just finished Half Life. This game rocked! Such a shame I didn’t play it when it came out…5 years earlier :stuck_out_tongue:

Congrats! Now you’ll be more up to speed when you play HL2. Good luck with whatever you decide to start out on next… (Deus Ex?) :wink:

Probably :slight_smile: I have a lot of work on the site and other stuff I need to wrap up before I spend a whole week on another game.

I just opened up my steam app today, to play some counter-strike, I just noticed that I have HL! I never really looked at the games that came free with steam, and I started playing HL, and man this game is great for being out for so long!!!

opens up HL

Steam is cool, but they need to fix it before they release HL2. Fortunately, Valve hired Bram Cohen (creator of BitTorrent) to help them improve the distributed net-code. :smiley:

i never played half-life up until about 2 months ago. i got it to play CS also. i must admit it was quite entertaining for being an old school game. the last couple of levels were fun! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hehe Half-life indeed rules

I’ve got this video with a speed run of half-life, this dude finished the whole game in only 45 minutes!

You should check it out, it’s really funny! (some think it’s a rape of half-life though )

Greetz, ScHAmPi.

That video was amazing. It’s really cool how he was able to pretty much skip an entire stage by using trip mines as a ladder :slight_smile: