Hand Drawing

Here’s one of my favorite game characters, although a cartoon character also - I never got the chance to view it. Michael Dooney I believe was the orginator - and here’s my short little drawing that I’ll go digital with later on.

LOL thats cool!

very cool. talk to eilsoe…he will like that too!

neat. =)

That is cool.

EWJ is one of my all time favorite games (all of the EWJs that I have played are)

But sorry… no one draws worms better than Eilsoe.

Doesn’t mean they aren’t cool though :slight_smile:

Why does Eilsoe like worms so much? Did I miss something here?

He is a worm… DUH!

DOH!! :trout:

Where’s his worms pictures?

EWJ is an excellent CLASSIC game. Good drawing! :slight_smile:

*Originally posted by lostinbeta *
**He is a worm… DUH! **

as far as i know, eilsoe was originally a human who never ever cleaned his room, eventually things started growing there and one of them was a self reproducing werm. the story goes on to say the worm and eilsoe battled in the room one night and the werm emerged the victor.

the werm then merged with eilsoe and now eilsoe is simply a host body to the worm!!! remember, this original worm was self reproductive and rumour has it that it sent out minions throughout Kirupaville in an attempt to make werms the superior race!!! BEWARE!!!

anything eilsoe says is false…its not him speaking but the worm…

oh and good drawing Shazmax, i’d like to see you color it :slight_smile: remember to scan it in with a high DPi so the quality is better when you need to resize and alter the image =)

That’d be cool - seeing worms in a kirupa pixeland drawing. What wouldn’t be cool…worms reproducing <ugh>.

No…no…please don’t draw that.


Oh and if Elisoe draws worms better than I do - then I’ll just walk away. Any annelid that can draw amazing worms without hands is one worm to walk away from. Might be a wild challenge though…lol. Worm Battle! Just had a crazy idea…lol. Should have a worm - off. Rofl.

lmao…good one shaz!!! worm off…

and why not battle eilsoe to a worm drawing challange in battle? if sen can make a 20 sec drawing battle this should be allowed as well

It’d be my small attempt in this big world to de-worm him!

that’s really good.