HD problem

hi guys… :smiley:
my work system crashed… :frowning: i don’t know why suddenly nothing working i restarted my PC then black screen said there is a file missing or courp… :frowning: .
i’ve 2 HD first with system is 40 GB second is 80 with all my work files… the second has no system in it… i tried to copy the work files to another HD but the problem was here :frowning: i can’t see all 80 GB just 33 GB :h: and if you try to access the 33 GB i can’t and ther was a message the parameter is incorrect ;( .
i thought if installed winXP or any sys. in it i’ll see the other data.
i did it and when i make it master HD it’s appear 80 GB :sigh: . i tired again to share it with the orginal HD i can’t see it again.
can anyone HELP me in this dramatic story :hangover: .