I'm at someone elses wireless network :D

I’m at a friends place and I can connect to two wireless networks in the building - none of them has a WEP password :beam:

My friend hasn’t got Internet yet, but I just wanted to see if there were any networks in the house, and there is :beam:

Haha this is great :thumb:

You are such a rebel!! :rock:

I guess you friend won’t have that pesky bill coming every month now. lol

Nah, he could just “borrow” the internet connection from this neighbour :beam:

haha, that’s awesome. :beam:

Lol, send cryptic messages to the other computers on the network hehe. (Net Send ;))

haha one day in the school year I had a report due the next day and my internet was not working, so I took a walk in the neighborhood with my laptop to see if I could find a signal. Sure enough I found one at some guys house and I just sat on his lawn doing my report. Thank god the guy never came out of his house to see me. :slight_smile:

thats awesome, good thinking!

sometimes ill pop open my powerbook when im in the car and see if i can get a signal randomly from a house in the neighborhood, and ive actually gotten on from my car like 3 times, its funny.

hehe it’s always fun to mooch of other people.

haha, it’s so great, cause now I can bring my comp to my friends house :beam:
huh? being social? what do you mean? :huh:

ahh, wireless internet… Always consider whether or not your neighbor is connected when considering renting an apartment

yup. and if you are the neighbour that has wireless internet, use WEP-keys! :stuck_out_tongue:

I purposely don’t use encryption so that a passer by can use my connection :slight_smile:

but that is dangerous don’t you think? I mean it is very possible to hack into someones comp through their wireless

I used my neighbor’s unsecured 11g connection when I’m downloading something on my own line.

we just got a wireless router in my house. still gotta put the WEP on it though…

I have a G wireless card in my laptop and I can pick up “free” internet in a lot of places. At one coffee shop where I lived in Portland. A guy that lived above the coffee shop would leave his connection open so people below could use it.

I suppose it leaves you a little more open to hackers, but anyone that is a real hacker is going to hack you anyway he wants. I figure it’s the little punks reading “how to be hacker” tutorials online who are likely to hack you if any.

Hehe this is great - now I’m connected via GPRS and my mobile phone :beam:
I couldn’t find any wireless networks (I’m out in the country-side :P) so this was my backup - and it works =)

this reminds me of this: