Help! Computer won't connect to internet. Can not Renew IP


Ok I recently built a PC and everything went very smooth. I noticed last week it didnt connect to the internet but didnt pay much attention since I was moving it into my room in a few days and had no time to use it until then. Now I have fiannly set it up in my room and I have the same problem.

Here is my problem:
I have everything connected correctly and the connection says connected, but in the status it says no recieved packets only sent. So what usually fixes this it repairing connection. I did that and it came up with an error saying the repair could not be completed because the following was not complete: Ip Renew.
I decided to do it manually so I opened up the comand promt and typed in everything correctly and it wouldnt renew still. Then I released the ip and everything and tryed to renew again but to no avail. Now before everything I did have an IP and subnet in the connection status but now I dont since I released them.
Anybody have any suggestions on how I could fix this? There are no real helpful error messages that I could search google for. I searched google the best I could for the last 2+ hours.
I tried manualy filling in all of the IP Subnet DNS and stuff but that seemed to mess with my whole connection and my laptop internet connection went down and as soon as I set it back to automatic my laptop worked again.
I have not installed anything within a week or two befor this problem started but it could still be spyware. I am going to try a few spyware programs to see if it helps me but for now if anyone could help please reply or AIM me at TheWastedIguana.