Help modify this

ok i want to make this pic like night instead of morning… what effects can i do? help-

hew~ i first post it on “site check” oops! no worries i deled it

this is my feable attempt. I had a few secs. and was bored so I tried.

used a gradient map and a few color adjustments

thanx 3d :smiley:

wow! 3d that looks really good. i will remove the clouds when i get home from school tonight. oh crap i got ski club, so 2m when i get home from school lol.

i think that 3D’s version just looks like a poorly lit picture… removing the clouds then doing that would maybe work better…

im not sure though

Actually it does look like a poorly lit pic. I will do some altering later today. Remove the clouds and such. I was doing it on my laptop so the color looked darker there. I will hook it up in a lil while,

right… if i get time at home il have a go…

eeek :sure:

here is my feeble attempt…too lazy to remove the lens flare!! :stuck_out_tongue:

my attempt, nothing special…

how did you do yours satri?

I don,t remeber exactly, but first i duplicated the picture layer.
then I removed the grass in the duplicated layer and played some with
hue/saturation. Then I changed the layer mode.

I’m swedish my englisch sux=)

i mucked around with it for a while… got some ok results, but they all involve the tree being just a sillouette with very little colour/texture retained. However, unless i was going to get really really fussy and mask out each bit, it wouldn’t work for me so that’s how it was…

i have 2 versions, one with the grass muted to match the night feel, and one with the grass retained as green, i think it adds a spooky feel to the image :sigh:

anyway, i hope they’re up to standard :stuck_out_tongue:


lol, this time i’ll add the images… (-: