Help with linking between movieclips required

anyone who knows how to load different parts of a movieclip by clicking on buttons in an other moviclip?

yes. but that’s not enough information to know what you are trying to do.\r:) \rjeremy

if the movie clips are in the same swf file then it’s easy.\r\rIn the “instance” panel, you must name the movie clip in order to call to it to do anything.\r\rlets say that I have a timeline, and on this timeline I have two movie clips. they are named in the “instance” panel, myMovieClip1 and myMovieClip2 respectively.\r\rto have a button OR a frame in myMovieClip1 tell myMovieClip2 to play we could write it one of two ways.\r\;\r\ror\r\;\r\r(note… I’m using the shortend version of the tell target command. using _root and _parent in tellTarget is fine also)\r\r_root refers to the main timeline, just as _level0 did in Flash 4.0… in fact, just to confuse you some more, you can still use _level0.\r\r_parent refers to the timeline that contains the timeline that the action is on.\r\r\rSo… if I were to go a step further and say that there was a third movie clip called myMovieClip3, which had a button, and that this movie clip was located inside of myMovieClip1, we could have the button call to myMovieClip3 like so\r\ron(release){\;\r}\r\ror myMovieClip1 like so\r\ron(release){\;\r}\r\ror the main timeline like this\r\ron(release){\;\r}\r\ror\r\ron(release){\;\r}\r\rthere are many ways of using combinations of the two to call out to other movie clips. The important thing is to remember the structure of the paths as they relate to each other. Sometimes _root works better, sometimes _parent works better.